Institut auf dem Rosenberg is welcoming students from over 30 different countries every year to their camps in Switzerland and is looking forward to meeting new as well as returning students for the best camp experience in the upcoming season. International summer camps at Rosenberg provide an opportunity for students to learn while having a fantastic time enjoying the outdoors. 

The School

The Artisans of Education®

Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a Swiss boarding school providing a state-of-the-art, holistic learning environment for responsible leaders of the 21st century. We are passionate about the development of meaningingful learning experiences for children and young adults.

21st Century Learning Environment

We believe that the world is changing, so the need for education to evolve is of more importance than ever before. While no one can predict the future, in a word increasingly driven by advances and technology, we must nurture inherently human skills such as creativity, intuition and interpersonal social skills.

Talent & Enrichment

Our Co-Curricular courses offer our students the unique opportunity to participate in what many educational thought-leaders have been dreaming about: real-life education beyond a traditional classroom setting. Supported by our state-of-the-art educational environment and taught by Rosenberg Artisans as well as professionals, Rosenberg students are immersed in a world where they gain first-hand experience in a vast range of professional fields.