Making memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer camp is an opportunity for students to experience the Institut auf dem Rosenberg boarding school in sunny St. Gallen, located in the northeastern part of Switzerland. Summer camp students are motivated and passionate to create an impact, therefore a variety of Do It Yourself activities are offered, and students are encouraged to think outside the box to master their own projects. Rosenberg is the leading private boarding school that provides students with a plethora of resources to accomplish their goals and become responsible young leaders.


This project-based class allows students to explore contemporary diplomacy and leadership, focusing on pressing global issues. Students will choice a topic and spend each week creating a campaign with social impact to raise awareness on the chosen issue, while learning valuable debate, writing, and leadership skills.


Students work to develop innovative, sustainable solutions to the most pressing environmental issues worldwide. In this project-based course, students focus on one project each week, learning in-depth research techniques, prototype development, and digital storytelling.


Students will explore fashion design and other creative areas of textile fabrication through hands-on making of garments, textile printing, and styling techniques. Students can expect to gain experience and training in illustration and graphic design, collage skills, silkscreen printing, mood-board creation, knitting, sewing, pattern making and conceptual image design.


In this class, students learn a range of techniques that include graphite, charcoal, acrylic, watercolors, collage, clay and other mediums will help them to expand their knowledge of visual art. At the end of each week, students will have completed a piece of art, related to the weekly theme that they will showcase to the camp.


This course is designed for students interested in building their first (or second, or third) website, app or a game. Students start with learning basic principles and then dig deeper into the world of computers and coding. Each week, students are able to develop their ideas into a practical application.


Students explore a variety of theatre and dance dynamics to awaken their creative mood, while working on a piece to perform to the camp at the end of the week. In this course, students can expect to develop their full artistic potential on and around the stage in order to become skilled theatre makers, collaborative and innovative problem solvers and overall confident and empathetic human beings.


This experimental learning course helps students understand how the technology around us works and is interconnected. Focusing on a new project each week, students learn the basics of programming while they build their own computer or robot.